Anglian Water Contact NumberAnglian Water Contact Number | 0843 479 2576

Anglian Water is a water company. They operate in the East of England. Anglian Water is regulated. Under the Water Industry Act 1991.

You can contact them through their website Or by phone, on the Anglian Water contact number: 0843 479 2576. This is a lo call number. That will get you straight through to Anglian Water.

How to Pay your bill

There are a number of ways you can your Anglian Water bill. If you have issues paying your bill and you need advice.

Then you can get help and advice. From the Anglian Water contact number: 0843 479 2576.

Call your bank or building society. If you want to set up a payment for your Anglian Water bills.  To pay your bill from your bank account. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your 9 digit Anglian Water account number

  • Anglian Water’s bank account number: 90011916

  • Their bank account sort code: 20-43-63

  • The amount you want to pay

If you prefer, you can use your credit or debit card, to make the payment. Give the Anglian Water contact number a call. If you need advice on how to set up payments.

Direct Debit

You can also pay your Anglian Water bill by Direct debit. You can set this up by calling, the Anglian Water telephone number: 0843 479 2576.

Or you can do this on their website

Post office payment

There will be a payment slip at the end of your bill. You can tear this off and pay at your local post office.

You can pay by cheque or cash. They will charge a small fee, for this service.

You can find out how much this fee will be. By calling the Anglian Water phone number: 0843 479 2576.

You can also send payment by post. There is more information about making bill payments by post here:

Payzone Payments

Another way you can pay is by dropping into your local Payzone agent. You can pay by cash for free.  Have a look on their website To find your nearest Payzone agent.

If you have any questions about how to pay your bills. Then simple give Anglian Water a call. On the Anglian Water customers services number: 0843 479 2576.

Anglian Water’s customer services team. Will help you any payment issues you have.

You can also contact them, If you have questions about your bill. They can help with most enquiries or they will transfer you to someone who can help.

Anglian Water updates their Twitter page regularly. You can keep updated on their tweets here:

You can also find useful information and updates on Anglian Water’s Facebook page:

Visit Anglian Water’s website If you own a business and you want to see what Anglian Water can offer you. They work with businesses to help them save money. If you prefer to speak to someone. About Anglian Water’s business solutions. Then give them a call. On the Anglian Water contact number: 0843 479 2576.

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