Apple Customer ServiceApple Customer Service | 0843 479 2024

Online Store

You can purchase Apple phones and tablets. Plus their software and accessories online. By shopping at their Online Store

If you prefer to make your purchase. Over the phone. Then give them a call. On the Apple contact number 0843 479 2024.

Their phone lines are open. Monday – Friday. From 8.00am – 9.00. Saturday and Sunday. From  9.00-8.00.

If you need to contact the Apple support team. Then you can reach them. By using the Apple customer services number 0843 479 2024.

Product and Technical Support

If you need product or technical support. Visit the Apple Support site They also have useful manuals. On the website.

You can also find answers. On the Apple Support Communities section. Of the website

You can also contact Apple for support here

Or by calling the Apple customer service team. On the Apple customer service line 0843 479 2024.


One of the most popular products. That Apple sells is the iPhone. You can the range of iPhones available here

If you need help. Purchasing an iPhone. Give Apple a call. On the Apple telephone number 0843 479 2024.

When you first start up your iPhone. The Setup Assistant will walk you through. The phone features. It will also help you. Enter your account details. You can skip the Setup Assistant. If you prefer. You can enter your details another time.

To get help setting up your iPhone. Call the Apple phone number 0843 479 2024.


You can view the iPad range. On the Apple website

If you need help. Choosing the right ipad. Then you can give Apple a call. By phoning the Apple customer service line 0843 479 2024.

To set up your iPad. You should turn it on. Then use the Setup Assistant. There will be onscreen directions. Advising you on how to set up a Wi-Fi network. The Setup Assistant can also help you. Set up iCloud or your Apple ID.

You can give the Apple customer service team a call. If you need help setting up your iPad 0843 479 2024.

There is more information. On how to set up your iPad here


You can download music, films and more. By using iTunes

To download Apple iTunes. Visit their website

You need to have an Apple ID. To make a purchase on iTunes.

To create an Apple ID in iTunes. Open Apple iTunes. Then select create Apple ID. From the Store menu.

You can contact Apple iTunes support. On this number 0843 479 2024.

Contact Information

The Apple phone number is 0843 479 2024.

The Apple iTunes Facebook page is

Their Twitter news page is

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