British Airways ContactBritish Airways Contact | 0843 850 2084

British Airways is a global airline. They offer low flight fares all year round.

If you want British Airways contact information. Then use the British Airways contact line 0843 850 2084.

Booking Information

British Airways have extended their payment policy. You can now use Paypal. As well as a debit or credit card. To pay for a flight ticket online.

If you want to book a ticket. From a country not included on their ‘Country of Departure’ list. Then give your local British Airways office a call.

You can find the British Airways contact details. For your local office. By calling the British Airway contact number 0843 850 2084.

Children under 12 years of age and traveling alone. Can’t make their ticket booking online. The child will be required to travel. Using their supervised service. The service is called Skyflyers Solo.

You need to contact your local British Airways office. To book the Skyflyers Solo service. There is a fee for using the service.

Call the British Airways phone number 0843 850 2084. For more information.

E-Ticket Receipt

An e-ticket Receipt will be issued. When you book your flight. The e-ticket will have all the details about your ticket.

You should keep a copy of your e-ticket Receipt. When you are traveling throughout your journey.

Some immigration officers may ask you. For proof of your return ticket. An e-ticket Receipt can be used as proof of this.

E-ticket receipts are issued at time of ticketing. Either by your travel agent. Or it will be issued by the BA issuing office. You can get a copy of your e-ticket receipt. From your ticket issuer.

If you book online Then your e-ticket receipt will be sent to you by email.

You can also print your e-ticket receipt. Or request them to email you your e-ticket receipt. By using their Manage My Booking feature

If you can’t find your e-ticket receipt. Then give them a call immediately. On the British Airways telephone number 0843 850 2084.

Checking In

You can check in 24 hours before your flight departs. By checking in online or on your mobile Call the British Airways contact line 0843 850 2084. For more details.

Check in online here

You will be able to print your boarding pass. Or you can save or email it to print later.

If you  forget your boarding pass. Then you will be able to print it. At a check in kiosk at the airport.

You can check in on your mobile phone. By using the British Airways app Or by using the website

You will be able to download. Then store your boarding pass on your mobile.

The British Airways contact line is 0843 850 2084. Give them a call if you have issues checking in. Online or from your mobile phone.

You can check in at the airport, if you prefer. By using one of their airport kiosks. To check in and print your boarding pass.

You need to have your booking reference. Or a form of ID to do this. Accepted forms of ID. Includes: credit or debit card or your passport.

If you need help or more information. Then call British Airways. On the British Airways customer services number 0843 850 2084.

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