British Gas ContactBritish Gas Contact | 0843 850 2248

British Gas provides energy services to the UK. British Gas are experienced in helping customers. Manage their household energy bills.

Their energy price calculator. Can help you get an accurate quote

If you want more information. About British Gas. Then go to their website

Or give them a call. On the British Gas Contact line 0843 850 2248.


British Gas offers competitive gas and electricity tariffs. That will suit everyone.

You can find more information. About their electricity and gas tariffs. On their website

You can also give them a call. If you need help choosing a tariff. The British Gas contact number is 0843 479 2388.

How To Pay British Gas

You can pay you bill online. If you have an account with British Gas.

If you would like an online account. Then register for an account for free. On their website

You can also pay by Direct Debit. Or with a debit or credit card. You can also pay your bill. By post or at your local Post Office.

You can get more information. On how to pay your British Gas bill. On their website,CASE=1076.

Or give them a call. On the British Gas telephone number 0843 850 2248.

Meter Reading

If you have a British Gas online account. Then you can submit your meter reading online.

If you don’t have an online account yet. Then you can register for an account. On their website

If you have a smart meter. Then British Gas can automatically. Take a meter reading.

Find out more about smart meters. From their website,CASE=3731,USETEMPLATE=sublanding_2.tem.

Alternatively give them a call. On the British Gas phone number 0843 850 2248.

You can also pay your British Gas bill. On the British Gas mobile App

You can call the British Gas contact number. If you need help downloading the app. The British Gas contact number is 0843 850 2248.

British Gas Contact Details

If you want to speak to someone. From the British Gas customer support team. Give them a call. On the British Gas customer services number 0843 850 2248.

If  you prefer to write to British Gas. Then you can post your letters to this address:

British Gas, PO Box 4805, WORTHING, BN11 9QW, United Kingdom.

You can also send them an email. Their customer services email address is:

For Solicitors and Insurers. The claims email address is:

If you are a Home Care customer. Then you can book an engineer online.

Social Media

You can catch up on updates. From British Gas. On their Twitter page

You can reach their customer services team. On their Twitter support page

They are also on Facebook

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