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BT, is a British multinational telecommunications services company. Their headquarters are in London. They provide broadband and digital TV packages. They also offer phone lines for households and business premises.

The direct number for BT is: 0843 479 2077.

If you want to see the latest offers from BT. You can view that on their website

BT Infinity

BT Infinity is the most popular broadband that BT offers. It can be 8 times faster, than the average broadband speed. Offered by other companies.

BT Infinity is not available in all the UK yet. You can see if you can get BT Infinity in your area. By calling BT on: 0843 479 2077.

You can check what speed internet you can get from BT, from this link

If you have BT Infinity. But you are not happy with the service.

Then call the BT complaints support team. The BT complaints telephone number is: 0843 479 2077.

BT Landline

If you need a new land line, then BT can help you. You can order a new phone line online. If you decide to take a BT broadband package.

Then there will be no connection charge. For your new BT phone line. It’s quick, easy and you can get it installed when it suits you.

Call BT to set up a suitable date. For them to install your new line: 0843 479 2077.

If you already have a BT landline. But you are unhappy with your service. Or you have a complaint. Then you can call BT support for help with  your complaint 0843 479 2077.

BT Customer Complaints Code

The customer complaints code provides you with clear and useful information about what to do if you have a complaint. It tells you how you can complain. Also what BT will about the complaint.

The code is available in Braille. It is also available in large print and audio CD.

If you require any of these alternative formats. Then call the BT complaints phone number. To request an alternative format.

You can download a version of the Complaints Code here:

The information provided is not contractual. In addition to any other rights. You may have under the terms and conditions that apply when BT supply services and equipment to you.

You can find these terms here Or call BT complaints contact number: 0843 479 2077.

All information was correct at the time. When this code was published (August 2013).

You can find BT on Facebook

You can find out about any updates they have. By visiting their Twitter page.

The BT customer services team can help you. With any BT related complaints. The direct BT complaints customer services number is: 0843 479 2077.

There is more information about how to contact BT here:

If you need urgent help. This page may help you

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