BT Contact NumberBT Contact Number | 0843 479 2077

BT is the world’s oldest communications company. They are a leading communications services provider in the UK. They operate in over 150 countries.

BT are well known as one of the major technology players. They have pioneered digital advances that have shaped the information age. For general BT enquiries, call the BT contact number: 0843 479 2077.

BT’s strategy is to drive broadband based consumer services. They aim to become the go to brand for businesses and the best network provider. They aim to be a global leader through BT Global Services. You can find out everything you want to know about BT. Just go to their website. Or give the BT contact number a call: 0843 479 2077.

BT sells products and services to everyday, consumers. Medium and small, sized businesses and the public sector. Their most popular services are, landline services, broadband, mobile and digital TV packages. Find out more about their package deals by calling the direct BT contact number: 0843 479 2077.

BT Infinity is the fastest broadband, they have available. BT is the only broadband provider in the UK to give you free Wi-Fi. So you can easily take your broadband with you. And use it when you’re out.

BT Infinity has changed the face of broadband. Over the past 2 years, in the UK. BT Infinity offers, superfast speeds. Eight times faster, than the UK average. BT Infinity is becoming available in more homes every day. Find out if you can get BT Infinity. Just call them on the BT telephone number: 0843 479 2077.

BT broadband packages, all include unlimited access. To BT Wi-fi (the new name for BT FON and BT Openzone), There is over 5 million public, BT Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK. Customers will be able to use their laptop, Android phone, iPad, iPhone or iTouch, to access this. Simple look for BT Wi-Fi, from the available wireless network and connect. You can check what kind of broadband speed, BT can provide for you. Just enter your phone number on this page:

BT has just announced their new BT Sport TV channels. They will offer a range of sports. This will include: football, tennis and rugby. More information can be found below on their website. Or by calling them on the BT contact number for BT Sport. 0843 479 2077.

Sky customers can also get BT sport in their living room. If you have a Sky satellite receiver box and viewing card. You can easily get BT Sport. You don’t need to be a BT customer. But if you switch to BT broadband You’ll get BT Sport free of charge. BT Sport is also available to stream online. Or you can watch it on the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Millions of UK  residents already use BT for their landline and broadband provider. You can contact BT through their Facebook page. You can also contact them on their Twitter page. Alternatively give BT a call on: 0843 479 2077. You can also reach other BT departments with this BT phone number.

For support call the BT customer services number: 0843 479 2077.

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