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British Telecom (BT) are one of the leading telecom provider in the UK. They are the leading communications services provider in the UK. They operate in over 130 countries.

BT are well known as one of the major technology players. They have pioneered digital advances. That have helped shape the information age.

If you have a general enquiry. The best thing to do is give them a call. On the BT customer services phone number. Or visit their website

The BT customer services phone number is 0843 479 2085.

BT Products

BT always strive to become the best network provider. For businesses and individual users.

There is additional information. About their history and goals on their website.

Or you can give them a call. On the BT customer services phone number. For more information.

The BT customer services phone number is 0843 479 2085.

BT offers broadband, phone lines and a range of products. For big and small business Also for households too. You can view and purchase their products and services. On their website

If you have a question. About their service or products. Give them a call. By using the BT customer services telephone number 0843 479 2085.

You can also call the BT customer services phone number. If you need help choosing the best deals.

BT Infinity

BT Infinity is the fastest and most reliable broadband. They have on offer.

BT Infinity offers customers superfast broadband speeds. It is on average 8 times faster than other broadband.

BT Infinity is becoming available in more places. You can find out if BT Infinity. Is available in your area. By calling the BT customer services contact number. They can also advise you on how to get BT Infinity in your home.

The BT customer services number is 0843 479 2085.

You will get free Wi-Fi. When you get a BT broadband package. So you will be able to use go online. Even when you are out and about.

For more information about how you can avail of their free Wifi. Call their customer services phone number 0843 479 2085.

Customer Complaints Code

The customer complaints code. Gives you useful information about what you should do. If you have a complaint you want to make.

It explains how you can complain. Also what BT will do about the complaint.

The code is also available in Braille. Plus it is available in large print and audio CD.

If you require any of these alternative formats. Of this document. Then call the BT helpline number. To request a copy.

The number is 0843 479 2085.

You can also download a version of the Complaints Code from here:

The BT customer services team can assist you. With any BT related complaints or if you have any concerns. The direct BT complaints customer services line is

There is more information about how to contact BT here:

If you need urgent help. Or if you want to track or report faults. Visit this page

Or give them a call on 0843 479 2085.

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