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The Child Support Agency (CSA) can help you arrange Child Maintenance. They can also handle the collection of Child Maintenance too.

If you need help from them. Then you can reach them. By giving them a quick call. On the CSA phone number. Their support team can also answer any questions you have.

The direct CSA telephone number is 0843 479 2608.

If you are not sure how much Child Maintenance you can get. Then CSA can calculates how much is owed to you.

For more information about this. Give them a call. On the Child Support Agency contact number 0843 479 2608.

For general information about CSA. Call this information line 0843 479 2608.

Additional Information

Child maintenance is financial support. For couples that have children. But have now separated. Child Maintenance payments helps towards the everyday living costs, of any children you have.

If you have children that are under 16 years of age.  Then the Child Support Agency or the Child Maintenance Service. Can help arrange Child Maintenance for you.

You can get assistance with claims. Or help with any queries. By calling the Child Support Agency number 0843 479 2608.

Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Service

The CSA and Child Maintenance Service are organisations. That are known as ‘statutory child maintenance services’.

One of these services can help you. Apply for and collect Child Maintenance.

For information about arranging child maintenance. Through one of these organisations. Call this number 0843 479 2608.

You can also contact your local CSA office. If you want to apply for child maintenance. They will inform which one of these organisations. Is the most suitable for you. If you agree then they will be taking care of your case.

Find your local CSA office on the website

Or call them the CSA telephone number. For more information 0843 479 2608.

How to Apply for Child Maintenance

You will be asked to provide some personal information. In order to apply for child maintenance. You will need provide your NI number. Plus information about the child or children. That you are applying for. And your bank account details for payment.

It is very important to provide correct and accurate information. As the information you provide. Will be used to set up your child maintenance payments.

You can get support with your child maintenance support. By calling this helpline number 0843 479 2608.

It can takes up to 26 weeks for a decision to be made. About your application.

If you provide the wrong information. It may take longer. As they will need to contact you. To obtain the correct information and details.

If you think you provided incorrect information. Then call them straight away to amend this. Their direct lo call number is 0843 479 2608.


Sometimes your application may not be accepted. Or you might not be happy with the decision about your application.

If you want to appeal. Then contact CSA first. To ask them to review your application again. Let them know you are not happy with the decision.

Or you can discuss this further over the phone. By calling the CSA customer appeals number 0843 479 2608.

If you want to speak to someone. In their customer support department. Then call the CSA customer services number 0843 479 2608.

You can also visit your local CSA office to discuss this. You can find your nearest CSA office here:

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