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There are 2 different types of tax credit. You could qualify for.

Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.

Working Tax Credit is based on the numbers of hours you work. It also based on what you get paid for your work.

You can claim Working Tax Credit if you are an employee.

You can find if you qualify. For Working Tax Credit. From this website

Call them on Child Tax Credits phone number. If you have any questions. Or you need help making a claim.

The Child Tax Credits telephone number is 0843 479 2467.

You can find out if can qualify for Working Tax Credit. By calling this number 0843 479 2467.

Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit can be paid to anyone. Who is responsible for caring for a child. The child should has to be living with you.

You don’t have to be working. In order to qualify for Child Tax Credit.

If you have any questions. Call them on the Child Tax Credits contact number 0843 479 2467.

There is more information. On Working Tax Credit and Child Tax credit. Available on the website

Claiming Working Tax Credit

You can get up to £1920 in tax credits a year. Some people might get more. It depends on your personal circumstance.

Call this number 0843 479 2467. If you need help finding out. How much you could claim.

If you haven’t claimed working tax credit before Then call this number 0843 479 2467. They will send you out a claims form. This can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

If you want to update your claim. Then give them a call them on the Working Tax Credit customer services number 0843 479 2467.

Their Textphone number is 0345 300 3900. Use their textphone number if you want to type your conversation. Instead of speak into a handset. Their textphone number is useful for people that are deaf. Or if they have speech impairment.

The lines are open. Monday to Friday. From 8am to 8pm. Saturday. From 8am to 4pm.

You should make a Working Tax Credit claim. At least 7 days before you commence a new job.

You can apply for Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits. On the same claim form.

It is important to keep records of your bills. Also your pay slips. Plus record of any benefits and tax credits. You are getting already.

You have to renew your claim once a year. You can get the latest updates. About tax credits.  From their Twitter feed

Alternatively call them to discuss this.

The Child Tax Credits customer services number is 0843 479 2467.

Contact Details

If you want to speak to someone about tax credits. Call their customer services team. The best number to reach them on is 0843 479 2467.

If you need help filling out a claims form. Call them on this number 0843 479 2467. They can also help you with general enquiries.

Or help you with any questions you have. About claims and applications.

You can also find more useful information. About making a claim on their website

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