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The CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) and the ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority). Have now merged to become the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).

Criminal Records Bureau checks are now called DBS checks.

A DBS check may be required. If you are applying for certain jobs. Or for voluntary work. DBS check may also be carried out. If you are applying to adopt a child.

If you would like additional information. On DBS checks. Then you can call. The CRB phone number 0843 479 2571.

Who Can request a DBS Check?

In Scotland and Northern Ireland. Different rules apply for getting a criminal record check.

Usually an employer can ask for a DBS check. The DBS eligibility guidance. Will list roles that are eligible for a DBS check.

If you are unsure. Then you should contact the DBS. On the CRB telephone number 0843 479 2571.

Contact Details

General Queries

If you have any questions. Then you should the DBS customer services. The best number to reach them on. Is the CRB customer services number 0843 479 2571.

If you prefer to send an email. Then you can reach them on this email address:

You should include your name and address. Plus contact number and any reference numbers. If you are contacting them by email.

If you need help emailing them. Then you can reach them. On the CRB contact number 0843 479 2571.

Contact them on the CRB help number for referrals. If you need help referring someone to the DBS. The CRB phone number is 0843 479 2571.

Track an Application

You can use the DBS tracking service To check on the progress of an application. You should use your application form reference number. In order to access the tracking service.

Employers can track multiple applications from the website.

Give the CRB phone number a call. If you need help tracking your application. The CRB phone number is 0843 479 2571.


You can appeal if there has been a mistake in the records provided. Plus you can also appeal. If you think that your personal information is incorrect.

An employer or licensing authority. Can also appeal your DBS check. After confirming with you first.

You may be asked for fingerprints. To prove your identity. If there has been a mistake in your records.

You should report the mistake within 3 months. After they issue you your DBS check certificate.

They will ask you to fill in the Certificate dispute form

If you are appealing because they is a mistakes. In your personal information. Then you should fill in Section A of the Certificate dispute form.

Or call the DBS support team. On the CRB phone number 0843 479 2571.

You can also send your email by post. You can send your written appeal. To this address:

DBS, Disputes, Customer Services, FREEPOST NWW5699A, PO Box 165, L69 6JD, United Kingdom.

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