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You can purchase a personalised registration number. For your number plate from the DVLA registrations team.

You can purchase DVLA number plates online http://dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk/about/. Or at a DVLA auction. They hold up to 6 auctions a year.

You can view what registration numbers are available. Or how much they cost on their website.

If you have any questions about your purchase. You can call the DVLA number plates phone number: 0843 479 2473.

Personalised registration numbers can only be used. On a vehicle that is already registered. Or it can be used. On a vehicle that is about to be registered.

You can’t get a registration number. That will make your vehicle look newer than it is. For example you can’t buy a 07 registration. For a car that was registered in 02.

When you purchase a registration number. You will be able to assign. That number to your vehicle.

For more information. Call the DVLA number plates telephone number: 0843 479 2473.

Private sales

You can also buy a registration number. From a dealer in a private sale. If you do this, make sure. That you receive the V750 certificate of entitlement. Or the V778 certificate of retention.

For advice on buying a DVLA number plate, privately. Just call their DVLA number plates contact number 0843 479 2473.

Online Purchase

If you enter your car details on their website http://dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk/about/. You will be able to see the registration numbers. That are available for purchase.

Call them on the DVLA number plate helpline number. If you have any questions. About online purchases 0843 479 2473

DVLA Auctions

DVLA sell unique registration numbers at their auctions. You can put in a bid online. Or over the phone. If you can’t make it, to the auctions.

There will be details about the next auction. On the auction section of the DVLA number plates website http://dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk/auction/.

You can follow DVLA on Twitter. To catch up with their latest updates https://twitter.com/DVLAPers_Reg. They also post updates about when the next auction will take place.

If you have an older vehicle. Then there may be some restrictions. On what type of registration numbers you can get.

Find out more about the type of number plates. You can get from their website http://dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk/help/questions-before-a-purchase.html?question=old_vehicle_restrictions#old_vehicle_restrictions.

They will email you confirmation. After you have purchased the registration number. They will send the certificate of entitlement to you by post. You should receive this within 14 days.

The certificate is the application form you use. To get the number plate put onto your vehicle..

You will receive your certificate of entitlement within 2 weeks, in the post. If you bought your number plate at a DVLA auction.

Call the DVLA number plate customer services number 0843 479 2473. If you have not received your certificate of entitlement yet.

The customer services team. For DVLA number plates. Can help you with a number of queries. They can help you resolve. Any DVLA related issues you may be having.

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