EDF Phone NumberEDF Phone Number | 0843 479 2618

EDF is an energy company in the UK. They are one of the the largest producers of low-carbon electricity in the UK.

You can find out more about them. On their website http://www.edfenergy.com/about-us/about-edf-energy/.

Or give them a call. On the EDF phone number. Their support team are happy to help with any general enquiries. Or issues you may be having. The EDF phone number is 0843 479 2618.

Getting a Quote from EDF

There are a few different ways to get a quote from EDF Energy. If you are already an EDF customer. Then you can see if you are on the best deal.

If you are an existing EDF Energy customer, you can check you are on the best deal. By logging into MyAccount http://www.edfenergy.com/products-services/for-your-home/my-account/.

They select Change Tariff. You will then be able to view other tariffs on offer.

If you don’t have MyAccount. Then you can register for one here https://my-account.edfenergy.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/com.edfe.orchard.SelfRegistration.SelfRegistrationComp.

The best way to get a quote is to go use their website https://my.edfenergy.com/gas-electricity/compare-prices

If you need help getting a quote. Then call the EDF phone number 0843 479 2618.

To get a quote you should provide the following information. Your current address and current tariff. Plus your contact details.

You will then see the results and they will send the details to your email address.

They store your quotes on their system. For a short period of time. So that you can retrieve it if you wish.

If you can’t their website. Or if are having issues getting a quote. Then give them a call on the EDF telephone number 0843 479 2618.

Switching to EDF Energy

If you want to switch to EDF. Then all you have to do is complete their quote process https://my.edfenergy.com/gas-electricity/compare-prices.

Then choose the EDF tariff that you want to switch to. They will contact your current supplier. Then tell them what the transfer date will be.

There is a 12 day cooling off period. Where you can cancel anytime.

On the date of your transfer. You should provide EDF. With your current meter reading. You can do this. By logging into MyAccount. Or by using their mobile app.

Alternatively you can do this. By calling them on the EDF contact number 0843 479 2618.

Contacting EDF Energy

You can contact EDF Energy. By giving them a call on the EDF Energy phone number. The EDF phone number is 0843 479 2618.

You can reach their customer services team. By calling them on the EDF customer services number 0843 479 2618.

If you would prefer to write to EDF. Then you can send your correspondence. To the following address:

Customer Service Team, EDF Energy, Osprey Road, Exeter, EX2 7WN, United Kingdom.

You can also contact them through their website: https://www.edfenergy.com/products-services/for-your-home/customer-services/contactus-form.shtml.

Their Twitter page is https://twitter.com/edfenergy. You can also find them on Facebook https://en-gb.facebook.com/ZingyedfEnergy.

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