Employment and Support AllowanceEmployment and Support Allowance | 0843 850 0600

If you are ill or disabled and unable to work. Then the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). Can offer you financial support.

They can also help you find suitable work. If you capable of working.

You can apply for ESA. Whether you’re unemployed or employed.

You may have to go to regular interviews. At Jobcentre Plus to keep getting ESA.

If you require assistance with your ESA application.

Then call ESA. On the Employment and Support Allowance phone number 0843 479 2119.

Incapacity Benefits

Your Incapacity Benefit claim will be re-assessed soon.

After the assessment, they will inform you. If you can still get benefits. Or if your benefits will cease.

If you qualify for Employment and Support Allowance. Then this will be updated automatically.

There won’t be a break in the payments you receive.

If you want more details. Then use the Employment and Support Allowance telephone number 0843 850 0600.

How to Claim ESA

The best way to apply for Employment and Support Allowance. Is over the phone.

The Employment and Support Allowance contact number is: 0843 850 0600.

They are available Monday to Friday. From 8am to 6pm.

You will be required to provide personal information. When you make a claim. You need to tell them your NI number. You also need to provide. A medical certificate and your GP’s address and contact number.

They will also need your contact numbers. Plus any other relevant documents or information.

Permitted Work

Your ESA won’t be affected. If you work and earn up to £20 a week. Or if you work less than 16 hours a week.

You can also earn up to £99.50 a week. For up to 52 weeks.

This is called permitted work.

If your illness or disability severely limits your ability to work. Then you can do supported permitted work. As long as you work, less than 16 hours a week.

Supported permitted work is work. That is supervised by someone. From the local council or a voluntary organisation..

You must inform the Department of Work and Pension. If you are doing permitted work.

You will have to fill out a PW1 form and send it to them. They will send you the form. When you notify them.

You should also let them know. If you are doing any volunteer work. As this may affect your ESA claim.

You can call the, Employment and Support Allowance customer services number. If you want to speak to someone about permitted work. Their direct number is 0843 850 0600.

Universal Credit

If you get Universal Credit. Then this might affect how much ESA you can get.

Universal Credit is a new benefit. It will replace existing benefits. With a single monthly payment. You could qualify for Universal Credit. If you are on low income. Or if you are about to start a new job.

If you want more details about Universal Credit. Then visit their webpage https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit

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