Equifax Phone NumberEquifax Phone Number | 0843 850 2155

Equifax are a trustworthy. Consumer credit reporting agency. You can access your credit report. By using their credit report service.

Their International Headquarters are based in the United States.

The address for their headquarters is: 1550 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA, USA.

You can reach Equifax from the UK. By using the Equifax phone number 0843 850 2155.

Credit Score

A credit score is used by a lender. To help them determine. If they should provide you credit. Credit scores can be used by lenders. To decide if you qualify for a credit card or loan.

You can get a free trial. To access to  your credit report from Equifax. It costs £14.95 per month. If you want to continue. To have access to your credit report.

The Equifax telephone number is 0843 850 2155. They can help you. If you have a question. About the free trial they offer.

Their phone lines are open. 7 days a week. From 8.00am – 8.00pm. This does not include Christmas or Boxing Day.

Free Credit Report

You can get your credit score. From your credit report. Equifax offers you unlimited access. To your credit report for 30 days. There is obligation to pay a monthly fee. After the free trial ends.

The free trial includes weekly alerts. These alerts will inform you. Of any major changes to your credit report.

If you have any questions. Get in touch with Equifax. By calling the Equifax phone number 0843 850 2155.

Your Personal Information

Your credit report will include your personal information. The information includes your name and address. It also includes information. About your creditors.

Anyone with a valid business reason. Can look at your credit report. Provided you have agreed to this. This lenders, landlords and insurance companies.

Find out more about. The personal information on your credit report. On the Equifax website https://equifaxuk.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/118.

Or give the Equifax contact number a call 0843 850 2155.

Contact Details

If you want to speak to the Equifax UK customer support team. Then give them a call. On the Equifax customer services number 0843 850 2155.

You can catch up. On the latest updates from Equifax. By following them on Twitter https://twitter.com/Equifax.

They are also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Equifax.

If you want to write to Equifax. You can send  your letters to this address:
P.O. Box 1140, Bradford, BD1 5US, United Kingdom.

Equifax has 2 offices in the UK.

The Equifax London office is located here:
Capital House, 25 Chapel Street, London, NW1 5DS, United Kingdom.

Their Bradford office is located at this address:
Augustus House, 3 New Augustus Street, Bradford, BD1 5LL, United Kingdom.

The direct Equifax phone number is 0843 850 2155.


If you have a complaint. Then you should contact Equifax. To discuss the complaints. They will do their best. To resolve the issue. Or any concerns you may have. The direct Equifax phone number is 0843 850 2155.

You can send your complaint in writing. To this address:
Customer Relations, Equifax, PO Box 1140, Bradford, BD1 5US, United Kingdom.

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