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Esure was founded in 2000. Most of their sales comes from their website They provide insurance deals to home owners and drivers. Esure insurance also provides pet insurance.

If you are looking for insurance, check out their website. Or call them on the lo call phone number: 0843 850 2138.

Their ultimate goal is to provide top service on their website and over the phone. Esure strive to keep their insurance premiums low. So customers can get the best insurance policies to match their needs.

You can get a quote from Esure insurance, on their website. Or call the Esure Insurance quote number: 0843 850 2138.

Esure Car Insurance FAQ

Who does Esure insure?

If you are between 21 and 80 years of age. Esure insurance can give you a quote. Esure broker can can give drivers up to 99 years of age a quote.

Esure broker’s website is Or contact Esure broker on this phone number:  0843 850 2138.

 How do I prove I have no claim discount?

To prove that you have a no claim discount. Send the details to Esure. There will be a pre-paid envelope in your welcome pack. You can use this to send the proof to Esure.

Esure only accepts no claim discount earned from the UK. Please note that they can’t return the proof of no claim discount. After they have used it for your Esure car insurance policy.

If you need support proving your no claim discount, contact Esure on this number: 0843 850 2138.

Esure home insurance FAQ

What does Esure building insurance cover?

The Esure building insurance covers your home. This includes, fittings and fixtures. Garden shed, greenhouses are also included. The policy will also cover stair lifts and a lot more.

You can view the full details of the building insurance policy here

What does content insurance cover?

Esure content insurance gives customers peace of mind. If something was to happen to the content in your home. Esure content insurance will help you replace your possessions.

Esure content insurance cover, includes carpets, clothes and curtains. The policy also covers more valuable items. This includes mobile phones and televisions.

You can add accidental damage cover to your Esure insurance policy. Get a quote for content insurance. Or more information, by calling Esure customer services on this number: 0843 850 2138.

This Esure contact number is: 0843 850 2138. It will get you in contact with the right department. Call may be recorded, for training purposes.

Their call centre is open: Monday to  Friday. From 8am – 8pm. 9am – 5pm on Saturdays and 10am – 2pm on Sundays.

Esure claims lines are open Monday to Friday. From 8am – 8pm On Saturdays they are available from 9am – 5pm. Claims lines are closed on Sundays. The Esure 24 hour lines are open always.

Follow Esure on Twitter. Or like them on Facebook.

Esure runs offers and competitions regularly. You can see these on their website of Facebook page.

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