Flybe Contact NumberFlybe Contact Number | 0843 850 2078

Flybe is a budget airline group based in England. They operate over 180 routes

Booking Taxes and Charges

Taxes and charges are levied by the government and the airport authorities.  The Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax is levied by the UK government. All passengers departing from an UK airports. Will have to pay APD.

The Passenger Service Charge (PSC). Is levied by the airport. It is a fee for using their facilities and services.

There is more details on Air Passenger Duty tax and Passenger Service Charges. From the HMRC website Or from the airport authorities.

Alternatively give them a call on the Flybe contact number 0843 850 2078.

Pre-booking Seats

There is an option of pre-booking your seats. During the ticket booking process. If you don’t want to your pre-book your seat. Then select continue on the booking page. Followed by selecting continue without pre-assigning seats.

You will be assigned a seat at check-in. If you didn’t pre-book your seats.

If you need help pre-booking a seat. Then give Flybe a call. On the Flybe contact number 0843 850 2078.

Changing Booking Details

You can change the details on all Flybe tickets. You can usually change the date and time of your flight. You can also change the flight route.

If you want to change your flight time or date. Then you should contact Flybe. At 2 hours before your flight. A charge may apply. To change your ticket details.

If you need help changing your flight details. Give Flybe a call. On the Flybe telephone number 0843 479 2624.

If you booked a Flybe ticket in error. Then call Flybe as soon as you can. The Flybe phone number is 0843 850 2078. You should provide them with your reference number.

Ticket Confirmation

After you purchase a flight ticket. Flybe will send you an e-ticket via email. The e-ticket is your flight ticket. Flybe does not send out confirmation by post.

If you have not received your e-ticket yet. Then check your spam or junk folder.

If you still can’t find your confirmation email. Then give them a call. On the Flybe phone number for ticket support. The Flybe contact number is 0843 850 2078.

You can get a quote. On the Flybe website

There is answers to frequently asked questions. On the FAQ section

Contact Information

The Flybe customer services number 0843 850 2078. Is a useful number to have. If you are a Flybe customer. They will offer assistance with general enquires. They can also help you with. Ticket bookings and ticket confirmation.

You can find out more about Flybe. On their Facebook page

You can also keep up to date with their the latest Flybe news. On their Twitter page.

You can get a quote or find out about their offers. By giving them a call. On the Flybe contact number 0843 850 2078.

Or you can get a quote and book online. On the Flybe website

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