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Flybe is a popular airline company based in England. They offer low cost flight fares. To over 60 European airports. Over 6 million passengers. Traveled with Flybe during 2013.

The Flybe contact number is 0843 850 2078.

You can find more Flybe contact details. On their website

Ticket Types

Essential tickets are the best value tickets. That you can get from Flybe. There are no card charges. If you book your Essential ticket with your debit card.

Fees apply if you use your credit card. For the booking. There is more information. About card charges here

If you have any questions about card charges. Contact the Flybe phone number 0843 850 2078.

You will get 10kg hand baggage allowance. If you book an Essential ticket. You can also choose an assigned seat. When you are checking in.

Flybe also offers New Economy and Flybe Plus tickets. There is more information. About these tickets on their website

You can also get more information. By calling the Flybe telephone number 0843 850 2078.

If you want to make changes to your flight booking. You should contact Flybe. At least 2 hours before your scheduled flight. You may need to pay a fee. To change your booking.

Give Flybe a call. To discuss how to change your booking. The Flybe contact number is 0843 850 2078.


Flybe will send you an e-ticket. After you make your booking. The e-ticket will be sent by email. They don’t send paper confirmation. If you have not received your e-ticket. Or if you lost your e-ticket.  Then give Flybe a call to get another copy.  

You can reach them. On the Flybe customer services number 0843 850 2078.

If you have any questions. Then have a look at their frequently asked questions

The Flybe support team can help you. With general enquires. They can also help you. If you want to amend your flight details.

Check In

You can go directly to the departure lounge. If you check in online. If you have baggage to check in. Then you can drop off your bag. In the Bag Drop facility. Before you head over to the departure lounge. The Bag Drop Facility is usually located. Near a check in desk.

Technical Support

If you are having issues booking your flight. Or if you want to report a technical fault. On the Flybe website. Give them a call. On the Flybe contact number 0843 850 2078.

You can also write to Flybe. Send your enquiries to this address:

Flybe, Technical Support Desk, PO BOX 795, Exeter, Devon, EX1 9UL, United Kingdom.

Their email address is: They are available. Monday to Friday. From 10:00am to 4:00pm. They are also open on Bank Holidays.

Baggage Claims

If you baggage was damaged. Then you should make a claim. Within 7 days after your flight. If you baggage was lost or delayed. Then you should make a claim. No later than 21 days after your flight.

You can make a claim. By sending your claims to this address:

Flybe Baggage Claims, 5 The Enterprise Centre, Kelvin Lane, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9PT, United Kingdom.

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