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Incapacity Benefit are benefits, for people who can’t work. Due to an illness or disability.

Incapacity Benefit will soon be phased out. Customers who receive this. Will be reviewed, to see if they are eligible for ESA.

Incapacity Benefit is also known as IB.

Employment and Support Allowance is also known as ESA. To find out if you are qualify for ESA.

Call the incapacity benefit phone number on: 0843 850 2290.

Your claim

If you want to make a claim. Jobcentre Plus will send you a questionnaire.

The questionnaire will ask you. How your illness or disability affects your day to day life. Or how it stops you from working.

You need to complete the questionnaire and return it. Before the deadline. You need to include. Original copies of medical reports and anything relevant.

After you send back your questionnaire. A Work Capability Assessment, will be carried out.

If the review shows you can work then your benefit will stop. If your review shows you can’t work. You will be eligible for ESA.

ESA – Employment and Support Allowance

Employment and Support Allowance offers help. To ill and disabled people. They offer financial support. If you are unable to work.

They will help you find work, if you can work.

You can find support. For ESA applications here.

Or call the ESA telephone number: 0843 850 2290.

Incapacity Benefit and work

Your Incapacity Benefit will not be affected. If you do volunteer work. Or if you earn less than £20 per week.

You can also work up to 16 hours a week. Or earn £99.50 a week.

To find out  if working will affect your IB. Call the Incapacity Benefit phone number: 0843 479 2230

You can always find more information on IB and ESA here

Their customer service team can also help you. You also can contact them if you are having problems with your claim. 0843 850 2290.

ESA rates

ESA rates depends on your circumstances. You may qualify for different types of ESA.

If you have made enough NI contributions. You would qualify for contribution based ESA.

If you are working. But you are low income. You would qualify for income-related ESA.

You can use the benefits adviser. To help you work out how much you should get.

Moving back to the UK

If you live in the UK but worked, in a Social Security Agreement country. You may qualify for IB.

Some Social Security Agreement countries will pay IB. If you lived and worked there. But moved back to the UK.

Contact IB on this number to find out more: 0843 850 2290

If you or someone you know thinks they are entitled to IB or ESA. Then you should firstly have a look on their website

Then you can find out the best way to apply for these benefits. The general enquires number for IB is: 0843 850 2290

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