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Income Support

You may qualify for Income Support. If you have no income. Or if you on a low income. Income Support is extra money. That can help you towards everyday expenses.

Call the Income Support Number. For more information about Income Support. Or if you need help with your application.

The Income Support number is 0843 850 0600.

You can also qualify for Income Support. If you are working less than 16 hours a week.

Your personal circumstances will determine. If you qualify for this.

If you need help claiming Income Support. Call the claiming Income Support phone number. They can help you with your application. Or answer any questions you have.

The Income Support telephone number is 0843 850 0600.


The rate of Income Support payments. That you will get. Will depend on your personal circumstances.

You can get up to £71.70 per week.

If you are applying as a couple. Then you could get up to £112.55 a week.

You could still qualify for Child Tax Credit too.

If you want to know how much you could get. The best thing to do is to give them a call. On the Income Support contact number.

Alternatively use their benefits adviser. To help you work out. What benefits you can get and how much you could get.

There is more also information about benefits adviser on the website

If you prefer to give them a call. Call them on the Income Support number 0843 850 0600.


If you qualify for Income Support. Then the payments will be made directly into your bank account. Or into your building society account.

The first payment is usually made. Within 2 weeks of your application.

Makes sure the information you provide is correct. A decision about your claim may take longer. If you give incorrect or inaccurate information.

There is more information. About payments on this website

Or call the Income Support customer services number 0843 850 0600.


You can claim Income Support. Over the phone. The best number to reach them on is 0843 850 0600.

Or you can apply by sending a claims form to your local Jobcentre Plus. Find the address here

Or call the Income Support Number 0843 850 0600. To find your nearest branch.

Their textphone number is 0800 023 4888

Their Welsh language phone line is 0843 850 0600

Their phone lines are open. Monday to Friday. From 8.00am to 6.00pm.

There is more useful information. On the website

Contact Details

Call the Income Support customer services line. If you need help with your claim. Or if you need help with a general enquiry.

Their number is 0843 850 0600.

If you want to make complaint. Then you should contact them right away. They will assist you with the issues. Or help you with your concerns.

You should also contact them. If you are not satisfied with your claim decision.

Their direct number is 0843 850 0600.
The best way to contact them. Is by calling them. If you don’t understand how the application process works. Or you are not sure how to fill in a form.

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