JSA Contact NumberJSA Contact Number | 0843 850 0600

Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) is unemployment benefit. It is paid to people who don’t work. JSA is intended to cover your living expenses while you are looking for work.

To get Jobseeker’s Allowance you have to go to a Jobcentre office. Every 2 weeks to show them you have been looking for work.

You can get assistance with a general enquiry. If you call the JSA contact number. The number is: 0843 850 0600.

Types of JSA

There are 2 different types of Jobseeker’s Allowance. The Jobcentre will help you work out.

Or you can use the benefits adviser https://www.gov.uk/benefits-adviser.

Call the JSA telephone number 0843 850 0600. If you have want information about. The different types of JSA.

Contribution-based JSA

You can get for contribution-based JSA for 182 days. This is approx. 6 months. You may qualify for income based JSA after this time.

Any savings you have wouldn’t usually affect. How much JSA you can get. You can contact JSA to discuss this further. Their JSA phone number is: 0843 850 0600.

Income Based JSA

You could get Income Based JSa. If you’ve not paid enough National Insurance. Or if you are on a low income.

Your income and savings. Can affect how much JSA you can get. Give the JSA contact number a call. If you need help determining how much National Insurance you have paid.

JSA Payments

Jobseeker’s Allowance payments are usually made every fortnight. The payments are usually paid into bank accounts.

If you don’t have a bank account. Then use the JSA customer services number, for advice 0843 850 0600.

If your circumstance changes. Then you should inform the Jobcentre. If start working or your income increases. Then this may affect your JSA payments.

Volunteer work won’t usually affect. Your JSA but let them know anyway before you start.

Further Information

Your income might affect. How much Income Based JSA you can get.

Income includes money from savings over  £6,000 and pensions.

JSA is not usually paid to people under 18 years old. There are some exceptions. Contact your local Jobcentre Plus. To confirm if you could qualify.

Their contact details are on this website https://www.gov.uk/contact-jobcentre-plus. Or call the JSA contact number: 0843 850 0600.

You usually don’t qualify for JSA if you are in full time education. You may be able to get Income Support. If you have just left school. If your parents are still receiving Child Benefit for you. Then you need to, wait until your Child Benefit has ended. Before you apply for JSA.

You can usually do an Open University course. Or a short course that lasts less than 2 weeks. Without it affecting your Jobseeker’s Allowance. You should inform Jobcentre Plus before you commence the course.

If you are studying part time then  you can get JSA.

There is more information on their website https://www.gov.uk/jobseekers-allowance/eligibility.

Alternatively call them on the JSA contact number 0843 850 0600. Their phone lines are open on Monday to Friday. From 8am to 6pm.
You can also use this number if you have a complaint.

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