JSA Phone NumberJSA Phone Number | 0843 850 0600

You should make a JSA joint claims. If you and your partner both want to claim JSA. Or if you are both 18 years old or over.

The rate of JSA you can claim. Depends on your personal circumstances. You will get at least £56.50 per week.

For more information abouth JSA joint claims. Call JSA phone number 0843 850 0600.

You have to be 18 years old or over. To qualify for JSA. You should also be looking for work and able to work.

You can find out, if you qualify for Job Seekers Allowance. Or if you can apply for a joint claim. Then you can find more information here https://www.gov.uk/jobseekers-allowance/eligibility.

Alternatively give them a call on the JSA Allowance phone number: 0843 850 0600.

JSA Payments

Job Seekers Allowance payments are made every 2 weeks. JSA is usually paid directly into bank accounts.

The JSA telephone number is 0843 850 0600. Call them on this number. If you have an enquiry about payments.

There is also more details. About Job Seekers allowance payments. Available on their website https://www.gov.uk/jobseekers-allowance/overview.

JSA Interviews

You must attend an interview. At your local Jobcentre. To complete your claim for Job Seekers Allowance.

If you don’t attend an interview. Then you can’t get Job Seekers Allowance.

When you apply online. They will send you a text message, within 2 days. To arrange the interview date and time.

If you are not able to apply online. Call them on the JSA contact number: 0843 850 0600. They can help you organise a interview date.

At the interview you will come to an agreement. About what you will do to find work. Or how you will improve your skill. This agreement is known as the Job Seekers Agreement.

You can get further information. About the Job Seekers Agreement. By calling the JSA phone number 0843 850 0600.


If you get JSA. Then Jobcentre Plus, can support you in finding work. They can provide you additional training. They can also help you find a work placement.

The Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) can help people with disabilities. Find suitable work. There is more information on the JSA website https://www.gov.uk/looking-for-work-if-disabled.

Alternatively call the JSA customers services number 0843 850 0600.

There are 2 different types of Jobseekers Allowance. That you can get. You can get Contribution-Based JSA or Income-Based JSA.

When you first start looking for work. You will usually get. The Contribution-Based Job Seekers allowance. You can get this for up to 6 months.

You might qualify for Income-Based JSA. After those 6 months are up. Most people on a low income. Would qualify for Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance.

You can find out more. About the different types of JSA. From their website  https://www.gov.uk/jobseekers-allowance/what-youll-get.

Or give the direct JSA phone number a call. Their direct number is 0843 850 0600.

JSA don’t have an official Facebook or Twitter page. You can find information and advice. About JSA on the Gov.uk website.

Or you can call the JSA phone number for assistance 0843 850 0600.

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