National Rail Contact NumberNational Rail Contact Number | 0843 479 2470

National Rail Enquiries sells train tickets. On behalf of various train companies in the UK.

If you have need help with your booking. Give them a call. On the National Rail contact number 0843 479 2470.

Booking Tickets from National Rail

If you want to book a train ticket. From National Rail Enquries online. You can also see train schedules. Or book a ticket for a specific train time online

If you prefer to make your booking. Over the phone. Then you can give National Rail a call. On the National Rail telephone number 0843 479 2470.

You can also get your train tickets from the station. They sell tickets in their ticket offices. They also sell tickets from their self service machine. You can find out which stations. Has these services. By going to their website

Ticket Payment

You can use a credit or debit card. To pay for your train ticket. You can pay with cash. If you are buying your ticket. From a ticket offices or self services machine.

They do accept other payment types. To find out other ways to pay. Have a look on their website

Alternatively give them a call. On the National Rail contact number 0843 479 2470.

If you don’t manage to get your ticket at a station. Then you might be able to purchase a ticket on board the train.

Call the National Rail contact number for more details. The National Rail contact number is 0843 479 2470.

Ticket Types

Advance fares are single one-way tickets. They are great value for money. These tickets are ideal. For long distance journeys.

You have to book advance fares in advance.

If you want more details. About advance tickets. Call the National Rail phone number 0843 479 2470.

Off-Peak tickets usually cost less. They are ideal for travelling. On trains that are less busy.

Anytime tickets are fully flexible tickets. There is no time restrictions. On when you can travel with these tickets.

Season tickets offers you unlimited travel. For a specified period of time.

You can learn more about different ticket types. In the National Rail ticket guide

Or you can give them a call. On the National Rail customer services number 0843 479 2470.

National Rail Contact Details

If you want to speak to someone on the phone. From the National Rail customer support team. You can get in touch with them.

On the National Rail customer support number 0843 479 2470.

If you want to send them an enquiry by post. Then you can post your letters. To this address: National Rail Enquiries, London House, 271-273 King St, London W6 9LZ, United Kingdom.

National Rail Enquiries are also available on Twitter. To help you with  any questions or issues. You may be having. Their twitter page is

They are available to help you. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Their support team is also available to help. On Facebook

Their support team are available. Monday – Friday. During business hours.

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