Nationwide Contact NumberNationwide Contact Number | 0843 479 2220

Nationwide is a building society. They are the largest building society in the world. Their headquarters are in Swindon, England.

If you need the Nationwide contact number. Then call them on the direct Nationwide contact number: 0843 479 2220.

Nationwide offers a wide range of financial services. This includes current accounts, mortgages, loans, credit cards and financial advice.

If you want to apply for one of their financial services. Then visit their website

Or call them on the Nationwide phone number, if you prefer: 0843 479 2220.

How to Apply for a FlexPlus Account

Applying for a FlexPlus account is easy. You can apply online. The process takes approximately 25 minutes. In most cases you will get a decision, straight away.

You will need to provide your address, for the past 3 years. On your online application form. You may also be provide your employer’s address on the application form, if you are working.

You will have the option to switch your bill payments to Nationwide. Also you can choose to switch over your direct debits or standing orders too.

Find out more about applying for a FlexPlus account here

Or call them for a chat, on the Nationwide contact number: 0843 479 2220.

Nationwide Credit Card Balance Transfer offer

When you apply for a Nationwide credit card. You can transfer your credit card and store card balance to your Nationwide card.

To transfer your balance. Log in to your online account and select, view accounts. Select credit card account. Then click on transfer a balance from the menu.

The minimum amount you can transfer is £1.00. Please note that, you can’t transfer more than your credit card limit

If you don’t have an online account. Then drop into a Nationwide branch for more information.

Or call the Nationwide telephone number: 0843 479 2220.

You can also get more information from here

Car Loans

If you need a car loan, to buy a new or used car. Then Nationwide may be able to help you.Their  low rate car loans doesn’t have any hidden charges.

They may be able to give you a decision instantly. If you apply online.

You can use their car loan calculator. To find out how much your monthly repayments could be

If you prefer to talk to someone about this. Then call the Nationwide contact number: 0843 479 2220.

You can contact Nationwide through one of their social media pages. Nationwide also posts updates

You can chat with them on Twitter. They are avaialbe. Monday to Friday. 9am – 5pm

They can also answer your questions on their Facebook page. From 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. Find their Facebook page here

Nationwide’s customer services department will help you with enquires. If you have a problem they will do their best to resolve it.

The Nationwide customer services number is 0843 479 2220.

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