Orange Customer Service NumberOrange Customer Service Number | 0843 850 2106

Orange is one of the best mobile network operator in the UK. They also provide broadband for homes and businesses.

They launched in 1993. You can view their products and services from their website.

Orange is run by EE. You can find more details. About Orange and EE here

Call the Orange customer service number. If you have a general enquiry. Or if you would like to know. How you can join Orange or EE.

The Orange customer service number is 0843 850 2106.

Pay As You Go Information

Orange has a wide range. Of phones and devices. Available on Pay as you Go. You can view and purchase a product or service. From their website

You can also make a purchase. Over the phone. By calling the Orange customer service number. They can also help you if you need help. Using your Pay as you Go device.

The Orange customer service number is 0843 850 2106.

Topping Up

You can top up your Pay as you Go device online

By logging into your Orange account. Or you can also top up with a voucher. That you can purchase from most newsagents.

Or you can top up with your credit card.

If you want to top up by text. Then you should call Orange. On the Orange customer service phone number 0843 850 2106. Or by dialing 450. From your Orange mobile phone.

Include the top up amount and the last 3 digits on the back of your card.

You can also top up. By phoning Orange on the Orange customer service telephone number. You can pay by card. The Orange customer service contact number is 0843 850 2106.

WiFi App

Orange customers can use the Orange WiFi app.

This will allow you to connect to any BT Openzone public Wi Fi hotspots. You don’t need to have a password to access this. If you are using the Orange Wifi app.

The app will let you know. Where the nearest BT Openzone hotspot to you is.

The app can even automatically connect your device. To a BT Openzone WiFi hotspot. When there is one near. When you are out and about.

For more information about the Orange Wifi app. Call them on the Orange customer service number 0843 850 2106.

If you are a Pay monthly customers. Then you will have unlimited access to BT WiFi. The fair use policy for this is 3GB.

If you are a Pay as you go customers. Then you will get unlimited Orange WiFi. By paying for the Orange WiFi bundle. The bundle costs just £5.

Call them on this number 0843 850 2106. If you need help getting the Orange Wifi Bundle.

To download the Orange WiFi app. All you have to do is search. For Orange WiFi from the app store on your phone.

If you need help downloading the app. Or you are not sure how to connect to a Wifi network.

Call the Orange support line 0843 850 2106.

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