PayPal Contact Number UKPayPal Contact Number UK | 0843 479 2569

PayPal is an easy way secure service. That will allow you to send and receive money online.

You can use PayPal to shop on popular websites like eBay. Most websites accept Paypal as a form of payment.

Paypal is a simple way to pay for items. On thousands of other websites.

The PayPal contact number UK is 0843 479 2569.

You can also use Paypal to send money. To anyone with an email address.

Some shops will also accept PayPal. As a form of payment.

To find out which stores will accept Paypal. Give them a call. On the PayPal contact number UK 0843 479 2569.

There is no charge to sign up to Paypal. All you need is an email address. To register for a Paypal account.

Visit their website

You can call the PayPal customer services team. If you have a question.

The PayPal customer services number is 0843 479 2569.

How to Start Using Paypal

There is no charge to sign up for Paypal. All you have to do is to go to their website

Then simply click Sign Up. Then pick the country you reside in.

You will need to provide. Your personal details when you sign up. You should review their terms and conditions. Before clicking agree and create account.

You will need to use a different email address. If you want to sign up for more than 1 Paypal account. You can have up to 2 Paypal accounts. One for personal use. Plus 1 for business use.

Call the PayPal contact number UK 0843 479 2569. If you need assistance. With signing up for a Paypal account.

You might be able to get answers. To some of your questions. From the Paypal website

How to Send Money

Log into your Paypal account. If you would like to send money. From your account. After you log in select send money. Then follow the instructions on the screen. It will inform you on what to do next.

If you have any questions. About how to send money. Then call the PayPal phone number UK 0843 479 2569.

The payments you send. And any money you receive. Will be recorded in your Paypal account. You can check the status of a payment you sent.

By signing into your account. You will be able to ee your payment status. In the transaction history section of your account.

If you can’t find record of a payment you sent. In the transaction history section. Then give Pay Pal a call. On the PayPal telephone number UK 0843 479 2569.

Paypal Contact Details

If you have a general enquiry. You can call the PayPal contact number UK. They can also help you with a complaint.

Or transfer you to the department you need. The Paypal contact number UK is 0843 479 2569.

You can catch up with updates from Pay Pal on Twitter

You can also find them on Facebook

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