Southern Electric Phone NumberSouthern Electric Phone Number | 0843 479 2233

Southern Electric are one of the leading energy providers. Based in the UK. They offer a range of services. To residential homes and businesses

Southern Electric merged with Scottish Hydro-Electric plc in 1998.

If you want to switch to Southern Electric. Then go to their website and sign up.

Or phone the Southern Electric contact number: 0843 479 2233.

Southern Electric offers, 2 gas and electricity tariffs. The 1 year Fixed Price Plan tariff. And the Standard Energy tariff.

If you choose the 1 yr Fixed Price Plan. Then your energy prices will stay. At the same rate for a year.

For more information about their tariffs. Visit their website

How to Pay your Bill Online

When you register with Southern Electric on their website. You will be able to view.And pay your bills online.

After you register. Log in and attach your account number.

Once that is done. You’ll be able to use your online account to view bills. Or make payments. You will also be able to submit your meter reading online.

If you need help setting up your online account. Call the Southern Electric phone number 0843 479 2233.

You can also manage your Southern Electric account. With their iPhone app. You will be able to pay your Southern Electric bill. Or you can update your meter reading.

Their iPhone app is free to download here

You can also pay your bills by Direct Debit.

If you have questions about their payment options. Feel free to contact Southern Electric. On the Southern Electric phone number 0843 479 2233.

Moving Homes

If you are moving to a new home. You should contact Southern Electric. On the Southern Electric phone number. To let them know you are moving. The Southern Electric telephone number is: 0843 479 2233.

You will need to provide some information. They will need your new address. They will also need your final meter readings.

There is more information about what to do. If you are moving homes, on their website

How to Contact Southern Electric

If you want to speak to someone about your Southern Electric account. Or if you have a general enquiry.

Then their customer services team can help. You can contact them on the, Southern Electric customer services number 0843 479 2233.

You can also contact their customer services team. By using their online contact form

You can also contact them on Twitter They are available to help you. from 8am – 6pm. Monday to Friday.

Also check out their official Facebook page

Southern Electric also offers other services. This includes, heating and electrical installations.

If you want to know how much. Their installation services costs. Then you can give them a call. On the Southern Electric phone number: 0843 479 2233.

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