Swift Phone NumberSwift Phone Number | 0843 479 2328

Swift Cover was founded in 2005. Swiftcover offers good value car insurance. That you view and purchase online. From their website http://www.swiftcover.com/.

Or call them on the Swift phone number. For information about their policies and offers.

The Swift phone number is 0843 479 2328.

With Swiftcover you can print your own car insurance certificate.

You can do everything you need online. By using their innovative Swift Space customer area.

Phone the Swift phone number. If you need more information. On how to use this. The Swift phone number is 0843 479 2328.


If you want to make a claim on your policy. Then you can register the claim using their fast and efficient. Online claims registration service. Or you can give them a call. On the Swift telephone number 0843 479 2328.

You can also call them on the Swift phone number. If you have a general enquiry about your policy.

The Swift contact number is 0843 479 2328.

Driving Someone Else’s Car

You should always check your certificate before you drive. Because cover for driving other people’s cars. Is not available for everyone. They can’t provide this cover for drivers. Who are under 25 years old and if they have certain occupations.

Find out if you can get cover. For driving someone else’s car. By calling the Swift Cover number 0843 479 2328.

To see if your policy covers this. Look at Section 5 of your car insurance certificate. If you’re covered to drive other cars.It will include the sentence:

The policyholder only may also drive a car not owned by them or hired to them under a hire purchase agreement and which is not used in connection with the motor trade.

Before you drive someone else’s car. You have to have the owner’s permission. Plus their car must have valid insurance.

You can only drive the car in the UK. For the purposes stated on the certificate.

Only the policyholder can drive another car.

For more information about this. Call the Swift Cover customer services number 0843 479 2328.

Changing or Updating Details

Your car details are stored online. In your personal account called My Swift Space. You can log in and view your policy and details. Whenever you want.  

You can register on their website http://www.swiftcover.com/.

If you have issues logging in. Or you need help registering. Call the Swift number 0843 479 2328.

If you’ve changed your vehicle. Then you need to change your car insurance policy.

You can use your My Swift Space account to do that. and it couldn’t be easier. Log in and follow the steps online. You will be able to make the changes yourself.

Call them on 0843 479 2328 if you need help.

Changing your car details. Could result in your premium going up or going down.

The new price will be worked out online . Your new car details will appear on your policy within 48 hours.

Remember it is important to keep them updated. With all your details. As your cover could be affected if anything isn’t correct.

You can call the Swift Cover number 0843 479 2328. If you have a general enquiry. Or if you need help. Updating your details.

If you want to make a complaint. Then you can also call them on this number 0843 479 2328. They will assist you and try to help you resolve the issue.

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