Tax Credits NumberTax Credits Number | 0843 850 2102

You can qualify for Working Tax Credit. If you are 16 years of age or over.

Plus if you are working. A certain number of hours per week

You can also get Working Tax Credit. If your income is below a certain amount.

You can receive up to £1920 a year.

How much Working Tax Credit you get. Will depend on your income and you circumstances.

You can use their tax credit calculator. To help you work out. How much Working Tax Credit you could get

To get assistance over the phone. Call the Tax Credits number. They can also help you with your application.

The Tax Credits number is 0843 850 2102.

You can find out if you can qualify for Tax Credits. By calling the Tax Credits number 0843 850 2102.

Additional Information about Working Tax Credit

You must be 16 years old or over. To qualify for Working Tax Credit. You also have to be living in the UK.

If you are working in the UK. But you are citizen of another EEA Country. Then you might still qualify for Working Tax Credit

You can get more details. From their website. Or call the Tax Credits number.

The Tax Credits phone number is 0843 850 2102.

Contact Details

If you need claims and applications support. Call the direct Tax Credit customer services number. The number is 0843 850 2102.

You can also call the Tax Credits contact number. If you have a general enquiry. The Tax Credits support number is 0843 850 2102.

Their phone lines are open. Monday to Friday. From 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. Saturday. From 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.

You can also find additional information on their website

If you want to send your query in writing. Then use the following address:

Tax Credit Office, Preston, PR1 4AT, United Kingdom.

If you are writing to inform them. About any change in your circumstances. Then remember to mark the envelope with ‘change of circumstances’.

You should contact the Tax Credit office. If  you need a claims form. It can take up to 2 weeks for the forms to reach you.

If you are already claiming tax credit. Then you don’t need a claim form.

You can call the Tax Credit number 0843 850 2102. If you need to update your claim details.

You can catch up with news and updates about Working Tax Credit. From their Twitter page

Textphone Number

The Tax Credits textphone number is 0345 300 3909. A Textphone is for customers who are deaf. Or if you are hard of hearing or you have speech issues.


The textphone allows you to type what you want to say.  Instead of speaking into a handset.


You can’t reach an adviser directly on the textphone number. To get assistance from an adviser. Give this number a call on 0843 479 2639.


You can also call them on this number. If you need help filling in an application form.

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