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Income tax and National Insurance

People who work in the UK. Will usually pay national insurance and income tax. On the wages they have earned.

How much you pay, depends on how much money is earned.

You don’t have to pay tax on all of your wages. You will taxed on taxable income. There is also other allowances. That may reduce the amount of tax you have to pay.

In some circumstances you won’t have to pay tax. For example, if you are on a very low income.

If you have a general enquiry. Call the Tax Office phone number: 0843 479 2120. For more information on Income Tax visit their website

National Insurance

You should pay National Insurance. If you are working and over 16 years of age. You stop paying National Insurance once you reach State Pension age. If you are still working at that age.

65 is the State Pension for men. Who were born before 6 December 1953. The State Pention age for women is 60. If they were born before 6 April 1950.

State Pension age for women born on or after 6 April 1950.

If you want help assessing what tax you are due. Call the Tax Office phone number 0843 479 2120.

They can help answer any questions you have. Or transfer you to the right department.

The tax office doesn’t have an official Facebook. They have a Facebook page for their Professional Development Programme

They have an official Twitter page If you want to contact them on there.

The best way to contact them is to give them a call. The Tax Office telephone number is: 0843 479 2120.

Income Tax and National Insurance after State Pension age

You don’t need to pay National Insurance after you reach State Pension age.

You may still have to pay income tax. If your taxable income and State Pension. Is more than your taxable income.

For more information about this. Give the Tax Office contact number a call 0843 479 2120.

Or you can find more information here

Inheritance tax

You will usually pay Inheritance Tax. On an estate when someone dies. Most estates won’t have to pay Inheritance Tax.

Find out more about Inheritance Tax on this website

Or call the Tax Office phone number on 0843 479 2120.

Tax Credits

Tax credits are payments you can receive from the government. There are 2 types of Tax Credits. Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.

If you have children and you are on a low income. You may qualify for Child Tax Credit. You might qualify for Working Tax Credit.

You can get help applying for Tax Credit. From the Tax Office phone number 0843 479 2120.

If you have any questions about tax. You can get help from the Tax Office customer services number. This is a lo call number 0843 479 2120.

Their main website is

Contact the Tax Office if your working situation changes. Or if you need help completing forms.

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