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Tesco-Mobile are a mobile virtual network operator. They offer their services to customers. Living in the United Kingdom.

They have a wide range of mobile phones. Available on Pay monthly and Pay as you go.

Don’t miss out on their latest deals. Keep up to dates on offers on their website http://phone-shop.tesco.com/tesco-mobile/

The Tesco Mobile contact number is 0843 850 2325.

Online Order

You can purchase phones from Tesco. On their website. Or you can buy them in a Tesco Phone Shop. Alternatively you can give their telesales team a call. On the Tesco Mobile phone number 0843 850 2325.

The Pay as you go team. Are available:

Monday to Friday. From 8am – 11pm

Saturday. From 8am – 8pm

Sunday. From 10am – 6pm


Pay As You Go

TescoMobile can offer customer a Triple Credit tariff. The Triple Credit tariff means your credit will triple when you top-up. You will get the free credit. When you top-up your phone.

To get triple credit. Call 282 from your TescoMobile phone to set it up. Then top-up by £10, £15 or £20.

You will need to top-up. On or prior to your monthly anniversary date.  You can find out when your anniversary date is. By calling the Tesco Mobile telephone number  0843 850 2325.

You can spend your free credit on UK calls to standard UK land lines. You can also spend it on calls to their customer care team. Who are based in the UK.

You can see the full list here http://phone-shop.tesco.com/tesco-mobile/help-and-support/tariffs-payg.aspx.

Or you can log into your TescoMobile account.

Alternatively you can text the word DATE to 28746.

Topping Up

If you set up a direct debit to top up your phone. Every week or month. Then you will save 10%. On all your online top-ups.

You can also set up auto top-up online. You can set up an automatic Direct Debit. That will top-up your phone. When your balance falls below a certain amount.

This will ensure that you will never run out of phone credit. You will also save 10% on all online top-ups.

Pay Monthly

They also offer great value tariffs on pay monthly contracts. All Pay monthly tariffs include 5000 texts. All smartphone tariffs come with at least 500MB of data. You also get triple Clubcard points. With all pay monthly tariffs.

If you get the Blackberry tariff. Then you will get unlimited Blackberry services.

Another option is the SIM only tariff. You can choose from 1 month or 12 month contract. You can keep your current mobile phone number.

You can get the Capped tariff. So can keep an eye on what you are spending.

You can view sim only deals here http://shop.tescomobile.com/sim-only#sim-only-deals.

You can get advice on the best tariff for you. By calling the Tesco Mobile customer services number 0843 850 2325.

Contact Details

Tesco Mobile’s Twitter page is https://twitter.com/tescomobile

Their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/tescomobile

Their customer services team’s number is 0843 850 2325.

Or you can send them a tweet on Twitter https://twitter.com/TescoMobileCare.

If you have a complaint. Then contact them straight away. So they call help you resolve the issues. If you are unhappy with a phone you purchased. Or you’re unhappy with your current contract.

Then give Tesco a call. On their direct help line number 0843 850 2325.

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